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SPRING STAFF (May, June, July & August)​​
  • Program Coordinator
  • Office Administrator
  • Health Care Coordinator
  • Aquatics Coordinator
  • Leadership Coordinator​
​SUMMER STAFF (July & August)
  • Cabin Counsellors
  • Program Specialists
  • Pool Lifeguards
  • ​Kitchen Staff

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Staff Orientation and Work Weekend - May 31 - June 2, 2024
​Staff Training Camp - June 30 - July 5, 2024 - Mandatory for employment

There are some things that are unique about being camp staff. Here are some of them: 
  • All camp staff need to be turning 16 this calendar year
  • You will live on site during your employment.
    • ​Spring Staff usually work Monday to Friday staying on site during the week.
    • Summer Staff usually work Sunday to Friday, starting at 4:00pm on Sunday and finishing around 6:00pm on Friday
  • We feed you
    • All staff are fed during their time at camp. Spring staff prepare their meals together with food supplied by camp. During the summer the whole camp eats together in the Dining hall, enjoying 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Some days it seems all we do is eat!
  • Staff Training is paid
    • Both the Staff Orientation and the Staff Training Camp are paid days.
  • You don't have to work the whole summer but you do have to work a minimum of 3 camp sessions
    • We would love for you to work all summer but we know that you have family vacations planned or some events that you can't get out of. We can accommodate that. Any camp weeks you do work, you will need to work the entire week.
  • What if I have a weekly commitment or pre-planned event during the camp week?
    • For a one-time occurrence (ex. graduation, prom, anniversary party) we can be flexible and work to accommodate the absence with advance notice. However, a weekly commitment that will take you away from camp regularly is not something we can accommodate. You are expected to be at camp Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon (for regular camp sessions) with no absences.
  • Dietary requirements can be accommodated
    • We have great kitchen staff and can accommodate most dietary requirements.
Kenesserie Camp traces our camp's history back to 1903. Throughout our existence, it has been the commitment of the Board of Directors to provide strong program and leadership for children ages five to fifteen within a safe & caring community. We are looking for staff members that are committed to the mission of the camp and who are interested in serving others. As a staff member at Kenesserie Camp, you will have the opportunity to express and demonstrate your character and example to the campers in your care and through interaction with fellow staff members. Working at Kenesserie Camp is a challenging experience as we work together towards creating positive lifetime memories for all who experience our programs. Please consider the commitment required as you contemplate applying for camp staff.